The best outdoor tiles

By 27th April 2018Home Repairs, Uncategorised

Outdoor patio tiles allows you to transform your backyard into a beautiful space using easy to install flooring with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

When installing outdoor tiles it’s important to use tiled manufactured specifically for outdoor use. These tiles need to b able to hold up against all the elements.

Characteristics to Look for in Outdoor Patio Tile

  • Durablity Choose a tile that will withstand the elements. Some ceramics and slates are too soft and porcelain and solid stones are harder and more durable.
  • Not too absorbant If you live in an area that is exposed to a lot of freezing and thawing then you’ll need to find a tile that is not too absorbant. If your tile s exposed to freezing and thawing then it ay cause the tile to crack over time.
  • Slip-resistant surface Smaller tiles become slip resistant regardless of it’s texture because they are of a smaller size and the groit in between breaks up the smoothness of the tile and makes it slip resistant. Outdoor tiles however are larger and the grout lines areof farther apart, therefore you need to look for a tile that has some form of abrasion so, when, it gets wet it won’t be too slippery.

Choose wisely!