M.P. Leonard

About R.W.B DOG T.A.G.S by its founder

In 2009, I became concerned with the lack of financial support and combat rehabilitation care for our returning warriors. As the owner of Red White & Blue Dog Training, I began offering free dog training and Canine Good Citizen classes to combat Veterans and their dogs, in hopes that my services were therapeutic.

In August 2012, I was in a car accident which resulted in giving me a better understanding (albeit in a small way) of the affects pain management has both physically and emotionally as well as the rehabilitation processes that many of our Veterans experience. I realized the impact misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and over-prescribing was having on Veterans, especially regarding PTSD.

K-9 therapy is often an excellent part of recovery and functionality for many of our Veterans. Unfortunately, countless donated dogs are not suitable for companion or service duty since often our Veterans have specific needs. In 2013, after much community outreach, due diligence and research, we launched R.W.B. Dog T.A.G.S. (Red White Blue Dog Training After Government Service) and received federal 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

We assist and certify combat Veterans with Service Dogs by helping rehabilitate dogs and Veterans affected by trauma.

To date R.W.B. has partnered with over 80 Veteran/Service Dog teams in our training-rehab programs; placed 50 formerly ‘condemned K-9’ into trained Service Dog roles and have seen several participants graduate from our DOGTAGS School becoming trainers themselves.

R.W.B. saves dogs from euthanasia and assists combat Veterans (of all wars) with their pets including providing lifetime medical care and food for those that cannot afford it themselves. Everything we do is on a volunteer basis and thus all donations go directly to our Veterans’ Service Dogs’ care.

The Goal? To provide services and Service Dogs to every combat Veteran who comes to R.W.B. in need. In fact, we have never turned down a combat Veteran asking for support and hope to keep it that way.

Most importantly, we are eternally grateful for the service and sacrifice all our military members (past and present) make for our country. By achieving our goals we hope to better the lives of warriors and animals alike as they heal, grow and live a better life.

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