The best outdoor tiles

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Outdoor patio tiles allows you to transform your backyard into a beautiful space using easy to install flooring with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

When installing outdoor tiles it’s important to use tiled manufactured specifically for outdoor use. These tiles need to b able to hold up against all the elements.

Characteristics to Look for in Outdoor Patio Tile

  • Durablity Choose a tile that will withstand the elements. Some ceramics and slates are too soft and porcelain and solid stones are harder and more durable.
  • Not too absorbant If you live in an area that is exposed to a lot of freezing and thawing then you’ll need to find a tile that is not too absorbant. If your tile s exposed to freezing and thawing then it ay cause the tile to crack over time.
  • Slip-resistant surface Smaller tiles become slip resistant regardless of it’s texture because they are of a smaller size and the groit in between breaks up the smoothness of the tile and makes it slip resistant. Outdoor tiles however are larger and the grout lines areof farther apart, therefore you need to look for a tile that has some form of abrasion so, when, it gets wet it won’t be too slippery.

Choose wisely!

Turn Your Garage into a Bedroom

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There comes a point when you might need an additional bedroom in your house.

Based on your home’s setup there might be various ways to accomplish.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to convert your garage into a bedroom.

Your garage already has 4 walls and enough space to build a small bathroom.

It is also an open space that you can design however you want.

To learn more about converting your garage in a bedroom we found an article that will give you everything you need.

Whether your family has or is expanding or you just need an extra bedroom this might be just the fix you need.

Another great reason to have an extradiator bedroom is that it gives you the opportunity to earn extra income by renting your extra bedroom or joining airbnb.

Converting your garage can also prove cheaper than taking on the task of constructing a new bedroom on your house.



Drywall vs Plywood

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Drywall has been the wall of choice for homes in the U.S since the 1940’s. While using drywall has numerous benefits there are other options you can use for your wall and plywood is one of them if a less than perfect finish is ok for you.

Here are a few comparisons that will help you to decide whether drywall or plywood is best for you:

Structural Strength:

Drywall – to hang heavy objects on drywall you’ll need to locate the studs on the drywall and screw the object there.

Plywood – You can screw anywhere on the plywood and hang your object. It offers alot of structural support and can withstand dents and damages that drywall is more susceptible to. So a popular place to use plywood s in your garage or storage spaces.

Ease of Installation:

Drywall is approximately 20-3- pounds more than plywood and due to this the installation process is a bit longer than applying plywood. Installing drywall involves taping, applying joint compound and sanding joints smooth after hanging. This is not only time-consuming but difficult for the average person to complete successfully. Plywood walls, however, require no taping or joint compound, most installers simply caulk the seams between the boards to complete the installation.

Fire Safety:

Drywall is more fire resistant than plywood and it meets the building fire requirements for homes for most states. Homeowners might choose to use drywall regardless of it plywood meets the required fire resistant requirements just for added security and safety in the event of an emergency fire. Check with your local building authority for rules on using plywood as the sole interior wall finish.


Using plywood gives you a grainy finish while drywall provides a smooth ready to paint surface. Furniture-grade plywood finished with a clear topcoat will give you a sleek modern look while drywall is a bit more conventional and has many options for texturing.

In the end, the choice is your whether you use drywall and plywood (where it meets your state’s building safety requirements.

Emergency Home Repair Fund

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If you own a home it’s important to have an emergency home repair fund, you never know what may stop working or need repairing suddenly and you’ll be thankful that you saved some money for a rainy day. It is estimated that on average home repairs normally cost between 2-4% of the home’s value. So if your home costs $200,000, it’s safe to say saving anywhere between 4,000 – 8,000 is a good idea.

But you don’t burden yourself too much, decide on a figure you can afford on a monthly basis and put that aside for your emergency home repair fund but you need to be vigilant with it.

Maintaining your home can reduce, but not totally eliminate, the cost and frequency of repairs. On average, monthly home repairs cost $25.00 and varies based on your location and the type of repair. According to an Angie’s List analysis of Census Bureau figures. Generally, areas with harsher climates have higher labor costs when it comes on to home repairs.

How much your home repairs costs depends on what breaks and how badly it’s damaged. As a rule of thumb reserve 1% of your home’s purchase value every year for home repairs. At the end of each year, you may have some left over that you can roll over to the following year. Eventually, you may have repairs that will wipe out your savings but you can a take advantage of a home equity line of credit can be a low-cost way to afford your home repairs.

Bold Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

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Are you renovating your bathroom and not sure what tiles to use?

It’s always good to renovate your home to keep it modern and updated.

The bathroom is one of the places most persons renovate and here we’ll share with you some bold tile ideas to upgrade your bathroom.

Using certain accent pieces to bring your home to live and show your personality can definitely be done through your choice of tile.

We scoured the internet and according to Elle Decor, these 29 tile choices made the pick for bold tile ideas for your bathroom:

  1. Harmonious Shades of Green
  2. Mixed Textures
  3. Soft Warm Pastels
  4. Patterned Blue Tiles
  5. Navy Bordered In White
  6. Vivid Multicolored Graphics
  7. Navy & White Motif
  8. Ocean Ombre Accent Wall
  9. Mustard and Liberty Blue Floors
  10. Cheerful Mint Green
  11. Clean In Lime Green
  12. Contemporary Spotted Blue
  13. Yellow Mosaic Floor
  14. Blue Retro Cubism
  15. Blue-Green Bath
  16. Red & Burnt Orange Stripes
  17. Dark Blue Pattern Play
  18. Floor-To-Wall Baby Blue Tiles
  19. Rustic Glam Agate
  20. Mellow Yellow
  21. A Mosiac Runway
  22. Blue & Feminine
  23. Graphic Seashell Shower
  24. Silver Blue Rainfall
  25. Olive & Hazel Fusion
  26. Baby Blue Floors
  27. Bold & Romantic Red
  28. Blue Shaded Sections

Are you ready and willing to take on the challenge and be BOLD with your bathroom?

Let us know…are there other bold tile ideas that you know of that can be shared with others?

5 Benefits of Installing a Deck

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Are you thinking of installing a deck?

A deck isn’t just about creating a great space to relax and entertain but it also adds beauty and value to your home. You can pick a variety of styles based on the contour and shape of your land. Here are a 5 good reasons why you should install a deck. 

1. Entertaining Guests

A deck is a great space for entertaining guests and hosting family dinners. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine when the weather is good and deck furniture is a little more comfortable than lawn chairs. Also, it’s an ideal chill spot!

2. Increases home value

Potential homebuyers seek out deck features. It’s nice to see family-oriented outdoor spaces and this can help homebuyers to picture themselves living in and using the space.

3. Deck Design

Design options are endless! You can enhance the existing qualities of your home or to complement what’s already there.

4. Quick Deck Additions

If you want to add more space to your home, adding a deck is one of the quickest ways to do so. It will also take a shorter amount of time than other home additions.


5. A deck is relatively inexpensive

When compared to other home renovations, a deck can be very inexpensive. This is great if you’re on a budget but still want to add value to your home. Naturally, the cost of your deck will be determined by its size, materials and other factors but it is much cheaper than adding an addition.

Decks add dimension to your yard and transforms it. Adding a deck is a great investment and it will improve your quality of life and your home’s value.

The right deck is waiting for you!

5 Best Outdoor Deck Ideas

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Your deck holds lots of memories, fun and laughter.

This is the place you enjoy the sun, your friends and family and good food. That being said, don’t you think it should get the respect and love it deserves?

Is renovating your deck apart of your home upgrade plans for this year?

According to  here are some great ideas for your outdoor deck:

  1. “Evening Chill – This backyard is optimized for relaxation. A rock wall fringed with Berkeley sedge separates a lower paved patio from a raised redwood deck and hot tub. The level change makes the small backyard appear larger. Columnar Hollywood junipers (Juniperus torulosa) cluster to the left of the deck, while a hedge of pineapple guavas (Feijoa sellowiana) grows against the back fence (made of cedar but stained to look like redwood). At night, strings of bistro lights emit a soft glow, like starlight, above the hot tub.
  2. Party on the Deck – A good deck can capture a view, create a comfortable outdoor room, and add a feeling of spaciousness to your home by blurring the boundaries between inside and out.This partly sheltered deck serves as an indoor-outdoor space connecting a family room with a patio. Classically simple, it is a great transitional element for nearly any style of house. You can even build it yourself!
  3. Small Space, Big Potential – This home’s addition made room for a rooftop garden just off the master bedroom’s deck where the family grows herbs, strawberries, and a mini succulent garden, showing a lot can be packed into a small outdoor space.
  4. Colorful Character – This ipe wood deck is flush with the black slate floor extended from inside the home. The dark flooring creates the perfect backdrop for contrasting pops of bright orange.
  5. Treat the outside like the inside – With the doors to the deck open and folded back against the exterior walls, it feels like the living room and deck are one. The homeowner chose outdoor furniture that completely meshes with what’s inside.”

If you’d like more ideas, keep reading as they have 40 ideas listed.

Whichever design you choose remember to have fun while creating your deck!

Small bathroom ideas

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Image Credit: Elle Decor

Have a small bathroom and not sure how to design it?

We’ve found some amazing designs for small bathrooms that will give you the modern look and storage space you need.

After all, who doesn’t want an amazing bathroom to come home to?

Based on your space, you can try one of these 15 bathroom designs and we’re confident you’ll find the right match!

Small Bathroom Ideas:

1. Mirrored Bathroom

2. Royal Purple Bathroom

3. Gold Reflective Wallpaper

4. Black & White Mural

5. Surf Bathroom

6. California Cool Bathroom

7. Bold Wallpaper

8. Floor to Ceiling Florals

9. Global Decor

10. Boathouse Bathroom

11. Graffiti Art

12. Metallic and Marble

13. Narrow but Ornamental

14. Feminine Master Bath

15. Historic Powder Room

Regardless of your bathroom space you can spruce it up and make your space look and feel bigger with a little creativity!


Fake Vs Real Service Dog

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With the increasing trend of fake service dogs, here are some tips to differentiate between the real ones and the fake.

A service animal is a dog that:-

1. Is individually trained.

2. is trained to perform tasks.

3. Helps a person with a disability.

If you’re an employee or own a business, it is important that you know how to handle persons with service dogs.

There are two questions you should ask a person with a disability.

Q1. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?

Q2. What tasks has the dog been trained to perform?

If the handler is unable to or hesitant in answering these questions then you may ask them to leave. Also, if the animal is out of control or cannot be controlled by its handler or is not housebroken you can ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave you can call the police.

remember that service dogs and their owners aren’t robots and they should be given the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Even the best service dogs can have a bad day or be sick and do not behave the way they are expected to. This doesn’t mean they aren’t real service animals and this is why it is important to be aware of how o handle such a situation.