Bold Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

By 16th April 2018Uncategorised

Are you renovating your bathroom and not sure what tiles to use?

It’s always good to renovate your home to keep it modern and updated.

The bathroom is one of the places most persons renovate and here we’ll share with you some bold tile ideas to upgrade your bathroom.

Using certain accent pieces to bring your home to live and show your personality can definitely be done through your choice of tile.

We scoured the internet and according to Elle Decor, these 29 tile choices made the pick for bold tile ideas for your bathroom:

  1. Harmonious Shades of Green
  2. Mixed Textures
  3. Soft Warm Pastels
  4. Patterned Blue Tiles
  5. Navy Bordered In White
  6. Vivid Multicolored Graphics
  7. Navy & White Motif
  8. Ocean Ombre Accent Wall
  9. Mustard and Liberty Blue Floors
  10. Cheerful Mint Green
  11. Clean In Lime Green
  12. Contemporary Spotted Blue
  13. Yellow Mosaic Floor
  14. Blue Retro Cubism
  15. Blue-Green Bath
  16. Red & Burnt Orange Stripes
  17. Dark Blue Pattern Play
  18. Floor-To-Wall Baby Blue Tiles
  19. Rustic Glam Agate
  20. Mellow Yellow
  21. A Mosiac Runway
  22. Blue & Feminine
  23. Graphic Seashell Shower
  24. Silver Blue Rainfall
  25. Olive & Hazel Fusion
  26. Baby Blue Floors
  27. Bold & Romantic Red
  28. Blue Shaded Sections

Are you ready and willing to take on the challenge and be BOLD with your bathroom?

Let us know…are there other bold tile ideas that you know of that can be shared with others?